Now There’s a Scary Thought

This guy is crying discrimination because he can’t have a gun permit. I’m jumping for joy. Why? because he’s blind!

Carey McWilliams claims that he would only use it to shoot someone at point blank range to defend himself, and he thinks he can zero in on someone by sound. Sure, we can be pretty accurate at that stuff, but I don’t trust myself enough to use a gun based on what I can sense, and I would be a fool to do so.

He’s now trying to appeal, and if his appeals expire, he’s planning to file a discrimination claim. But even the ACLU won’t help him. That’s saying something. Dude, it’s not discrimination, it’s common sense! People who can’t see what they’re shooting…shouldn’t be shooting! Hey chief, I think you can find other ways to defend yourself. You don’t need a gun.

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