GUTS, GUTS, Go Away, The Police are Here to Stay!

These people definitely belong in the things that make ya go raaar! pile!

Remember GUTS? If not, here’s a refresher, and an update, yet more greatness, and the final straw.

That was the final straw…until now. Will these people just go away quietly? They’re not serving any practical purpose, and they’re being nothing but a bunch of trouble-makers. Now, they decided that because youths weren’t getting enough service and the police were getting a huge chunk of the budget, the only way to make this point clear was by protesting outside the police ball. And they weren’t just protesting. They were swearing at police, rushing and trampling the police tape that had been set up as the cutoff point beyond which protesters couldn’t go, spitting on police cruisers, blocking traffic on a busy road, and making asses of themselves in general.

Hey, GUTS, the police need their money. All you have to do is look at the amount of drugs sold in Guelph, and the state of the downtown and you should know this. And even if they didn’t need their money, putting on a spectacle that required the intervention of police certainly doesn’t make that point clear, nor does it help your case that youth deserve any more of the pie. Stupid, stupid, stupid! But why should I be surprised?

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