You Left Your Dog Where?

I cannot even remotely understand this story. Here’s a short summary.

Guy, his wife and his guide dog go camping in a Wal-Mart parking lot (what the hell?).
Guy ties his guide dog to a tree.
guy and wife leave the next morning, each thinking the other had put the dog back in the camper (again, what the hell?).
Neither did.
guy is very lucky, because nice delivery man rescues dog.
Police reunite guy with dog.

How in christ do you forget your guide dog? How does that even work? I can understand losing your dog if the dog somehow runs out of your house when you’re answering the door. I can understand something terrible happening to the dog if you somehow lost control of him/her and he went out into the street. But this is just stupid! He’d had this dog for at least four years. After having your furry friend either near you or attached to you in some way, you just don’t forget him! It would be like leaving your kid at a gas station. I know it happens too, but in that case, what do we say? Wow, that’s stupid!

Hopefully I never end up leaving Trixie somewhere. If that happens by some bizarre chain of events, I’ll really have to eat my words. But until then, I’ll just shake my head and be glad that it ended ok.

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