Meet George Jetson

There are so many questions I have about this story. Where do I begin?

How in hell is something that is 1 foot tall weighing 200 pounds? I cannot imagine how you could pack so much weight into such a small space. No wonder when it is low on power, it returns to its dock to recharge. Who’s going to drag it there?

If it checks on your children to see if they’re doing their homework, how does it know if they are or aren’t? I assume you have to see what it’s seeing. And if you’re busy watching it, why don’t you just get up and check on them yourself? I’m sure you could be far more helpful with math than ten-ton one-foot Louie over there.

And how much does this one-foot wonder cost? They never mentioned that.

This is just weird. I’m having some serious IRobot visions. NS5’s anyone?

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