Please Read the Emergency Instructions in The Seat Pocket In Front Of You. No Really, You’re Going to Need Them.

This Brazilian plane crash belongs in an episode of Mayday. Let’s count the horrible happenings.

  1. The runway is dangerously short and nicknamed the aircraft carrier.
  2. It’s slippery when wet.
  3. It was newly-paved, but they didn’t bother to cut grooves in it to drain water.
  4. They never closed it, despite the lack of grooves being a, um, risk.
  5. Other planes have skidded off, but landed on grass without any injuries. Ya think that would have been a warning?
  6. It was raining pretty heavily when a plane tried to fly in.
  7. The plane missed the runway, crossed a busy highway and crashed into a gas station and a cargo depot.
  8. Everybody’s dead, and there’s no passenger list. Way to go, fellas.

Now, some director of engineering is claiming that this was not due to rain. Yep, whatever you say, chief. How much are they paying you to say that?

Wanna know something else scary? This is apparently the worst crash in their country’s history, only by a margin of about 35 deaths. They’ve had several other serious crashes this year.

And here’s the scary icing on the cake for me. I have friends who are going to Brazil in the near future! Let’s just hope they get home alive.

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