Another Fine Parenting Example

Why didn’t this story come in a few hours earlier? I could have included it in my rant about bad parents. Oh well, here it is now, to add to the pile.

Scott Scherer and Melanie Hardrath really love to go watch the Packers play. They really love their memorabilia too. But they don’t love getting a babysitter. So every time there’s a Packers game, they leave their seven-year-old son locked up in his bedroom with a loaf of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a bucket to serve as a toilet until they get home from watching the game, often six hours later.

People like that are just too selfish to have kids. Ug. And here’s a heaping helping of irony. Scott Scherer was a juvenile counsellor. Really took his job to heart, eh?

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