Thank God These Two Didn’t Breed!

Wow. This story is just, um, well, stupid. The guy feels like an idiot, does he? So he should.

Let’s tell a quick version of the story, as quick as possible anyway. Michael Moylan, 45, woke up with crazy head pain. He asked his wife to drive him to the hospital. He wondered why she drove really slowly, making complete stops at all the intersections. Upon arrival, the nurse said maybe the reason he felt like his head was going to split was because of the bullet in it. At this point, his wife April fled the emergency room. When they found her again, she said she shot him by accident while he slept. Since she’s a felon, she was not supposed to have guns around, so off to jail she went. But Michael was so nice and forgiving that he tried to bail her out and found out that he had no money because she ran his business into the ground. Because he loved his beloved wife so much, he put their house up as collateral to get her out, confronted her about the shooting, and she admitted she had tried to shoot him on purpose. So…he banished her to the couch for the night. Ooo! If I were April, I’d be shaking in my boots! She begged him to let her sleep with him, and he did!

What the hell? Does he want to die? Maybe the introduction of the bullet will make him smarter. I don’t think there’s anything to lose. Sometimes I wonder if stuff like this is a joke. Sadly, it’s not.

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