Why are these people having kids?

Lately, I can’t stop seeing stories of parents who don’t seem to have the first clue how to take care of their kids’ most basic needs. Let’s count the things I’ve seen in the past couple weeks.

There’s this 63-year-old idiot who left an 11-month old girl, they say it’s hers, in a hot car while she went into a store, and then stayed in the store for an hour because there were too many good bargains! To top it off, when the paramedics told her to give her dehydrated and practically frying child something to drink, she tried to give her a bottle of spoiled formula!

I can’t count the problems I have with this story. First off, This woman was 63! She should know better! Next, if this kid is hers, she had to go to some lengths to get this kid. Either she had to force her body to reproduce again, or she had to adopt the kid. Why in christ would she then go and be so negligent? Finally, why didn’t the story end with Child Protective Services being involved? All it says is she was charged, and someone bailed her out, I assume to take care of the kid again. Just dandy.

If that wasn’t enough, I saw a story in which a woman got pulled over for DUI, and the police officer found her two kids sitting amid trash and cockroaches in the back of her car. Oh yeah, and they were also covered in their own urine and feces.

Then there’s always the woman who decided it would be a grand plan to let her baby drive her car, well I guess that isn’t quite true, the mom was working the gas and brakes. But anyway, they hit a pickup truck, and the occupants of said truck needed the jaws of life to extricate them. Apparently the mom wasn’t taking some meds for some kind of mental illness, and it was showing, because she said she let her drive because it felt like the right thing to do in her heart. Uh-huh, and you should have kids why? I was surprised she wasn’t charged with something. Meds or no meds, letting your kid work the wheel of your car is negligence!

Wait, there’s more! Some idiot father decided to leave his 3 and 7-year-old sons in the car while he played poker, but “the air conditioning was on so what was the problem?” How about the fact that you shouldn’t be playing poker while you have your kids, dumbass.

I know this one’s old, but I think it fits here. One night back in March of 2006, at 1 a.m. or so, a Kansas dad thought he could pop into a strip club in Tulsa and leave his four-year-old son in the unlocked car next to a four-lane highway for over a half an hour. The kid got out and wandered in to the club to find daddy. What the heck was he doing out with the kid at 1 in the morning? Hopefully the kid’s mom had some sense and made it so stuff like that wouldn’t happen again.

And if you’re not depressed enough, here’s the last story I’ve heard recently. A couple who can’t get enough dungeons and dragons chose to play the game rather than feed their kids. They even had the food in the house, they just didn’t give it to the kids. By the time the kids were discovered, one kid could barely walk, and the other kid had only gained 4 pounds in almost a year and couldn’t cry or urinate because she was so dehydrated! What shocks me is it took them several days before they actually removed the kids.

I know there are horror stories like these all the time. It just seems like I saw a whole pile of them together. But if this keeps going, we’re doomed.

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