>Don’t Take the Wag Out Of My Dog!

>Ug. today had a very scary start. I got up to let Trixter off tie-down, and she was already standing! I thought this was slightly odd, but I was a little late.

I let her off, and suddenly she was yelping, lurching, yelping, falling, yelping, screeching, and on it went! Then she just sat there trembling. I was terrified. What was wrong with her? I couldn’t calm down, even though I knew in my head that freaking out was no good for her. I couldn’t stop freaking. I called my neighbour to have her come up and see if she could see any visible wounds. Every time Trixie went to move, she cried out! I was going out of my mind. What was this?

My neighbour looked at her and couldn’t find anything visibly wrong with her. So I picked up the phone to see where the emergency vet was, and I was lucky the vet’s office was already open!

I was not one for politeness this morning. Panic leaves no room for politeness, even though I’m ashamed of it. All I could get out to my neighbour was, “Can you come upstairs?” and to the vet? “I have an emergency!” They got me in lickety split.

Steve and my neighbour both came with me to the vet, the sweethearts that they are. There was no way poor Trixter could guide me. Whatever it was that was hurting her was hurting her badly.

After they looked at her for a long time, they guessed she had sprained her tail! Um, ouchy! Apparently, it’s a common condition in labs called rudder tail, or dead tail, or limber tail, or anything you can call it. At any rate, the poor pooch hurt some muscles in her tail and it hurt to do her waggly thang! The vet gave her some pain medicine, and I’m supposed to do the same over the next few days. Poor beast. She managed to give herself a little skin infection, so I give her antibiotics twice a day, try to keep the area clean, and now I have this goop I have to squirt either into her mouth or onto her food to help with pain.

It broke my heart, because she would forget that the tail was hurt, wag, and then start whimpering like crazy. Ooo it sent shivers down my spine.

Now she walks around and her tail refuses to wag. She doesn’t do a lot of moving, she must have hurt it but good yesterday when she was running around like mad after the pouring rain.

So, to anyone who has a dog, I hope the pooch never gets rudder tail! It’s not pleasant! Trix, I just want to see your waggle again!

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