Look Out Everyone, Now I’m Seeing A Red Mist!

I can’t speak. I’m too angry. In England, apparently, if you have “good character,” you can go ahead and clobber your wife without fear of going to jail. You can just compensate her with a few bucks because apparently the damage to your reputation is punishment enough. This guy said a red mist descended over him and that’s why he started beating on her as she lay in bed, then dragged her from bed, threw her to the floor, punched her 24 times and then fled the scene leaving her to crawl to a phone to call for help. And this is an acceptable excuse and makes it all better?

And it gets even worse. There have been other lenient judgments lately when it comes to domestic violence. Another man branded his wife with an iron because he didn’t like the way she ironed his shirts. Then maybe you should iron them yourself, asshole. He also slashed her because she forgot his lunch. And this guy got a fine and no jail time because of lack of a previous record. I don’t give a flying fuck if he served soup to the homeless for 20 years. AS soon as he started branding and slashing people, his record goes out the window and he goes to jail! No questions, no maybe’s, he goes to jail!

Are we going back in time? Do women not matter anymore? I’m starting to wonder if these judges beat their wives, and that’s why they see these crimes as not such a big deal.

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