I’m Sick of This Bullshit

Whenever I think about riding this post, words fail me. I’m reduced to saying, over and over again, these people are morons! You remember my feelings on guts, dont you? If not, there’s the most recent eruption, complete with links to earlier spewings. There, history lessonover. Now, they’re at it again. How did Shakespeare put […]

The Short Circuit Isn’t On The Board.

A girl walks into an airport with what looks like a circuitboard and thinks it will be perceived as art? Ok then. How stupid is she? Surprisingly, she’s smart enough to be an MIT student in electrical engineering. But something obviously isn’t wired up right in her brain. Star Simpson, 19, wandered into Logan International […]

And While I’m Ragging On Beeping things…

Wow. I’m just on a ragging on things theme aren’t I? This weekend, Steve, Barbie, and I got talking about something that always made me raise my eyebrows whenever I thought about it. The practicality of the beeping baseball. Yep, I said beeping baseball. A long time ago, someone thought it would be great if […]