Every time I think about this story, I shiver, and I don’t even have balls. Here’s the short version. If you’re going to Oklahoma, don’t wander into a bar wearing a Texas University shirt, or, or…! Shivers again! You might leave in a lot of pain. At least that’s what happened to Brian Thomas.

After enduring a lot of verbal abuse from another guy in the bar, Allen Michael Beckett, he went to leave, and Beckett grabbed his crotch and wouldn’t let go until…there are those shivers again! Thomas heard his scrotum tear and felt blood run down his leg! Convulsive shivers! Now there’s…what exactly? An insane fan? A lot of pain? All of the above? Ug. I don’t know what else to say. I could talk about the more than 60 stitches that Thomas needed to…how did they put it…close the wound? Or maybe there’s the constant pain that Thomas says he’s in ever since. Um, no shit! Damn it, those shivers won’t stop!

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