Messed Up in Mexico

I’m trying to follow this path to see how far I can go before getting mad. Dominic and Nancy Ianiero died horribly in Mexico. Yup, I’m totally there. The hotel staff cleaned up the crime scene and police bungled the investigation. I’m still there. Many family members were implicated as suspects, which was horrible. Totally agree. The family has decided to sue the travel agent for breach of contract and negligence because they didn’t tell them more crime happens in Mexico? What? Oo now I’m mad.

You’re going to Mexico. Everybody knows more crime happens there! Anyone with any sense knows to beware of the locals. They don’t have money, you do, and there’s where the trouble starts. You can’t blame the travel agent even when things go horribly wrong.

And here’s another thing. I’ve never taken a trip with a travel agent, but I’ve never heard of a contrac that says “In the event that members of your group get killed and you are caught up in the investigation, translation services will be provided.” That just isn’t thought of. They don’t expect that someone will come into one of your rooms and slit the occupants’ throats. That isn’t a usual occurrence.

I felt for the family through this whole thing. I thought it was a terrible thing to happen. But now, I’m starting to lose respect for them.

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