Don’t Wizz On The Central Air Vents!

Every time I think about this search result, I giggle, then gag. Does that mean I gaggle? Har.

02 Sep, Sun, 20:51:24     
:  If dog urinates on the outside central air conditioning unit is it possible the strong smell,feel of urine can go through the whole house?

I don’t have an answer, but in response to your question, I have more questions. Did your dog just piss on the central air vent? That has gotta suck! If that’s what just happened, have the days that followed given you an answer to your question? Where do central air vents hang out? Would it be easy for a dog to pee on it? Or did it have to go through some acrobatics to get there?

I wish I had an actual answer for the question. All I’ve gotta say is if this poor soul is searching for an answer, he’s, well, barking up the wrong tree by clicking here. The sad thing is we’re actually near the top of the results for that queery, and by posting this, I just pushed us higher. Oh dear. Hope life doesn’t stink too much for our googling friend.

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