Warning! This Blog Contains Words!

Wow. I had to shake my head after reading this article.

Police in Hertfordshire, who are obviously not Scotland Yard material, decided that a fine way to decrease crime in their area would be to post signs everywhere telling people not to commit crime. They also posted signs at gas stations saying that all fuel must be paid for. But they say they’re not going to put signs at the banks telling people not to rob them. At this point, they might as well.

I join the plain English campaign spokespeople in saying, “duh!” Anyone who would actually read those signs and be dissuaded by them wouldn’t commit crimes. As for the ones still committing the crimes, they aren’t going to care. So the signs just make the police look desperate and laughable.

I love this article. The plain English campaign spokespeople, as well as some others, do a fine job of mentioning all the wacky warning labels we’ve talked about here, and here, and wrap up in a nice little package what we’ve been saying! For! Years! Maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for a few of us.

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