Drowning In Stupidity

Wow. The UK is sucking more and more each day. Now, police are being told not to rescue drowning people because they might fall in too. A kid has already drowned in greater Manchester because of this. Police saw him, and then didn’t even try to save him.

They’re being told that they shouldn’t even throw a lifebelt to someone before performing some kind of risk assessment! Good god, when someone’s drowning, there isn’t time to do a lot of risk-assessing.

Now, they’re trying to say the safety document was intended to emphasize that if the officer can’t swim, he shouldn’t jump into the water to save someone else. But that’s not how it reads. It says they shouldn’t hold a hand out, tie a rope to, or throw a lifebelt to someone, and they should call fire and other personell instead.

So if you travel to England, don’t go near the water!

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