As Long As There Are Rednecks, I’ll Always Have Things To Think About

I can’t decide what the weirdest thing about this story is. Is it that somebody left his amputated leg in a barbecue, that the barbecue in question somehow made it to auction, that the man who bought it decided that he had a money making venture on his hands, or that the 2 are now fighting over ownership and the leg is living in a funeral home until it ghets sorted out?

Police in Maiden, N.C., said a man found a portion of a leg, including the foot and most of the calf, inside a barbecue smoker that he bought recently at an auction.

Authorities said the leg belongs to John Wood, who once lived in the Maiden area.

But Shannon Whisnant said he wants to keep the leg if Wood isn’t willing to pay to get it back. The leg is currently being kept at a funeral home, but Whisnant said he previously charged people to look at the severed leg.

“It’s mine, I want it back, I have a receipt,” Whisnant said.

Wood wants to get the leg back so he can be buried with it. Wood’s mother told police that doctors amputated the leg after a 2004 plane crash in which his father was killed.

Whisnant said that if Wood cared about the leg, it wouldn’t have been left behind in the smoker.

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