The Bad Idea Graveyard Is Expanding

Let’s visit the graveyard of bad ideas again. If you look to your left, you’ll see the don’t touch me cell phone program, and…oh! What have we here? There’s a new resident! Strangely enough, its creators are also from Japan. It is the portable zebra Crossing crosswalk mat. I’m laughing too hard to speak. So this is their description.

* The Pedestrian’s Best Friend

The tyranny of the automobile makes life increasingly tough for ecoconscious pedestrians, and finding a safe place to cross can result in inconvenient diversions and wasted time. Now the pedestrian can fight back. When you’ve found the crossing point that best suits you, simply roll out the the Portable Zebra Crossing in front of you and cross confidently and in safety at your own pace. Warning: on busy roads where there is no break in the oncoming traffic, attempting to roll out the Portable Zebra Crossing can be hazardous.

And these folks are actually asking for money for this. I assume there is no risk-free trial period, and they’ll want their money *before*their customers try this ingenius little plan for the first time.

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