Hey Hidey Ho, Where’d The Old Lobster Go?

This has to be a setup. Somebody really wanted these lobsters to run wild and free. They had to have.

In the middle of the night in Stuttgart, Germany, dozens of lobsters who were going to be sold to people to be made into a nice dish made an escape from an Asian supermarket. This is what they had to do to get away.

  1. crawl out of their poorly secured crates.
  2. squeeze through the shutters at the front of the store.
  3. Slip out the front door, which had been left open by mistake!

Ok, I can understand the crates not being secured properly, maybe someone didn’t put the mesh on right, but who leaves the front doors of stores open by mistake?

Police were called when people noticed the lobsters running down the street, and they have been scooped up and sent to “an animal home” whatever that is. So maybe they won’t be dinner after all.

Weird. I can’t imagine looking out my window and seeing a bunch of lobsters scurrying down the street. That would be…hmmm…fishy? Yeah, that’s it.

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