Come On, Dion

Does Stephane Dion really really really not want to ever be Prime Minister of Canada, or is he just an idiot? The answer has to be one of the 2, because I can think of no other reason why he would repeatedly say that if elected, he would
rescind the Conservatives’ GST cuts because they aren’t good economic policy,
especially at a time in history when the Liberals are at their lowest point in years.

I understand that a majority of economists say that a cut to personal income taxes is a better idea and maybe they’re right, but try telling your average Canadian [who sometimes pays upwards of 15% tax on nearly everything he buys depending on where he lives] that he’s not being taxed enough and that if he votes for you, you’d see to it that this problem is rectified immediately and watch what happens. Trust me, you’ll have a lot of time to watch what happens while you’re busy not running the country.

Before anybody tries to tell me that Dion said he’d replace the GST cut with one somewhere else and that I’m being unfair, I know that’s what he said, but it’s all about timing. Saying that the last goofballs in charge cut the wrong tax and that you need to rejigger things a little is something you put out there *after* you win, not a moment before. And besides, why should I trust anything Stephane Dion says? Isn’t he the same guy who believes so strongly that Harper and friends are doing harm to Canada that he refuses to vote down their policies because he thinks he might lose an election? Oh wait, make that “because Canadians don’t want an election.” His words, not mine. Again, I understand what he’s trying to do, but what average Canadians want is somebody who’s going to put our money where his mouth is and stand up for what he says he believes in. We don’t want people playing political games with our future, we want people to do what’s best for us. Right now, Stephane Dion does not look like one of those people, and talking out of both sides of his mouth isn’t going to help no matter how sound his policies seem on paper.

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