You Did Have A Problem, But We Fixed It. Carry On!

Explain how this is supposed to work. I have a Feedburner account so we can have the funky doodle RSS and email thing up there in the top of the page. Cool! One of the services Feedburner offers is called Feed Bulletin. It says that it will send messages to you when the feed goes down, and occasionally, there will be messages from the Feedburner crew. Double cool! But, if you get the email version, it only sends you one email per day! So, unless you have a feed problem of astronomical proportions, you only hear about it when it’s all cleared up. What the?

There are no preferences, and at no point does it explain that if you go with the email version instead of the RSS version, you only get one email per day, numbnut.

Honestly, if the service is supposed to send you updates when problems arise, and the company providing the service doesn’t plan on giving the email version the same immediacy offered by the RSS version, why offer the email version? I love hearing that my feed is fixed. But it would be nice to hear that it’s broken before it’s no longer broken, thus making the message pointless. That would be kind of like updating a parent on the condition of her kid by email, but deciding to combine the news that her kid was all better with an alert stating that her kid was taken to the hospital and needed stitches just because the two events happened within the same 24-hour period, and you didn’t want to send her too many emails. This is one of those cases where I’m willing to make an exception.

After writing this post, I wonder why I still have the Feed Bulletin email thing on.

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