Stupid Trends In Stupid Emails

I’ve noticed a trend lately with those stupid virus hoax emails that I get from time to time. Steve says this has been going on for years, but apparently I have been kept oblivious to it until now. They claim at the top of them that they already checked snopes, and this virus is real.

Newsflash, friends and acquaintances. When you hear those words, you might wanna double-check Snopes, because probably you’ll find out that it is the furthest thing from real that is possible. Really, it’s not that hard to check snopes. They have a pretty rockin’ cool search box right at the top, and if you type keywords from the email into it, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. And, if that doesn’t work, they have categories you can sift through.

Everybody! You can’t rely on others to do your research for you. If you get too lazy and allow others to feed you the information, they may start to feed you lies. Use your brain, look around, think for yourself!

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