Wayne, I Wanna Lockjaw Those Contestants!

Fox has come up with this new Gameshow called Don’t Forget the Lyrics. The concept is a fine idea. It’s like karaoke and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire mixed together. The contestant picks a song, and the words appear on the screen, and the contestant sings along. But at some point, the band stops playing, and the contestant has to sing so many words so they can get whatever money they’re going for. They have three back-ups, or things they can do to help them get the next chunk of money. And, just like in Millionaire, at any point, they can choose to walk and keep whatever money they have. The game would be awesome…if the contestants weren’t such freaks!

Seriously, must almost every contestant act like some kind of drama queen/king? Must they sing, or shriek, at pitches suitable for shattering crystal, “I wanna lock in those lyrics!” Must they act like they’re some kind of forgotten superstar? Really, you’re just an average joe who decided to sing karaoke for money. Just say what you have to say, sing the song, maybe get excited when you win some money, but other than that, the over the top bullshit needs to simmer down right now.

An even scarier idea is that the contestants aren’t being like this on their own. Maybe they’re actually being told to act like complete nutbars for some ungodly reason. If so, that producer needs to be fired immediately. Hey, producer dude, I would watch the show more often if there was less of this crap. I just want to see if I can remember lines, see somebody win some money, that’s about it. I don’t need to watch someone slaughter a song while attempting to sound like Whitney Hughston, or risk losing my hearing at every ear-splitting shriek let out by a contestant.

Ug! Why do new good ideas have to be killed almost immediately by someone or something?

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