A Gold Medal In Huh?

I was reading some new posts on the Mercury’s
From The Editors blog
when I stumbled across
which has me profoundly confused.

On the night of November 10, 2007 we slashed five tires on three dump trucks at the Reids Heritage Homes facility on Hood Street.

This was the first time we’ve ever done something like this. We did it because we want to do our part to stop the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, B.C. and the developments and gentrification associated with it.

Coast to coast, in every town and every city business as usual needs to be ground to a halt. As far as Guelph is concerned, we’ll do our part if you do yours!

We are everywhere.

We’ve made the case several times especially over the last couple of years that the activist types around here are pretty damn nuts and not all that bright, but this one might just take the out of context stupidity cake. If you want to correct me feel free, but you’ve got some work to do, mainly explaining how A the childish vandalism of a couple of trucks on a non Olympics related construction site half way across the country is going to stop one of the world’s biggest sporting events from taking place 3 years from now, and B how causing damage that can be fixed in a few minutes by a guy with a wrench is going to grind the wheels of business to a halt. I think I get the part about the gentrification of Vancouver, but is that a real problem where the Olympics are concerned? I’d love it if somebody who has lived or does live in a city that’s hosted them could enlighten me.

I often read things like this and wonder if these people are on drugs. If they aren’t, I suggest they get on some soon. Anything to make the voices stop and the clouds go away.

I’ve got no problem with people sensibly demonstrating for a cause, but a lot of what goes on here lacks any semblance of that. it’s kind of sad because even when they’re standing up for what’s right, they go about things in such a wrong headed way that it taints everything they do. Hopefully one day they’ll start wising up and realizing it. Only then will their message start being taken seriously, and only then will they perhaps start to see some of the change they’re looking for.

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