All I Want For Christmas Is An Odd Combination Of Things

With Carin gone for the holidays and me leaving tomorrow, things are likely going to be pretty quiet around here for the next week or 2. but before we all but close up shop for the most un-vacation-like vacation of the year, here are a few random links to keep you entertained while we’re off […]

It’s Chr***mas Time In The City

This right here boggles my mind, so please, everybody on the bus as we travel down the road to absurdity. Ottawa’s Elmdale Public School created controversy recently when it was learned that teachers had decided to change the lyrics to one of the songs that was to be sung during a holiday singalong assembly. the […]

The Stupidest Hero I’ve Ever Had

The next time you’re drinking at a party and think you’re hot shit because you can hold it well, consider this story. A 64-year-old German air passenger almost popped his clogs earlier this week after quaffing a litre of vodka officials told him he couldn’t take on the aircraft. According to Spiegel, the man was […]

If This Post Sucks, It’s Google’s Fault

Somebody please tell me if I’m reading the end ofthis articlewrong or missing something, because I fail to see how gang members using a certain brand of baseball caps as part of the outfit becomes something that the company needs to be held responsible for. Think of it this way. If I buy a computer […]