Christmas Is Coming, And There’s Not Enough Goose Fat

Ok. This is just dumb. Goose fat has been sold for years with nobody really buying a whole ton of it. But since some girl, Nigella Lawson whoever she is, got on a talk show and said it was the best way to add flavour to your roast potato, everybody wants some, including big companies like McCains. Then, bird flu hit, killing off a third of the geese used for the fat, and people are wondering how they’ll ever survive without it. Someone went as far as saying that they don’t think there will be a “goose fat crisis.”

I should hope not, it’s goose fat! It’s flavouring, and it’s only in short supply because some supposedly important person said it was good. People can get duck fat, or, horror of horrors, find other ways of making their meal taste good. God, people, have you nothing real to get worked up about?

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