More Christmas Observations

Well, I survived the mall yesterday, and actually, I found that people weren’t the mindless zombies I was expecting. They were quite helpful, and in a matter of a couple of hours, I got almost everybody done. Woohoo! We may have ourselves a merry little Christmas after all, and not in the lonely sort of way.

I can’t believe the luck I was having yesterday. It’s not very often you can walk into a store, ask if they have something, and holy crap they have it, and at a good price too!

I saw something yesterday that cracked me up. Usually, when I walk into Sears and ask for help, I get helped, but it’s like the person isn’t happy about it. Once, I got led to an aisle full of what I wanted, and then the person was just going to leave me there. Um, if I can’t find the aisle, how am I going to pick out the thing I want from the aisle? But yesterday, when I asked for help to find the correct door outside the mall so I could get to a whole other plaza, the person was more than happy to help me. I can only think of two reasons why they were so eager. Either they were in the Christmas spirit, or they just love Trixie. I don’t know which it is, but I have noticed that people who are usually cranky cheer right up when they see theTrixter. Yep, she’s a charmer.

I had one more thought about Amazon that I didn’t mention yesterday. I’m convinced they’re creapy mind-readers. How else can I explain this? I was shipping something to someone, and I accidentally put my billing address in the shipping area. This address was different than the billing/shipping address they have on file. This is important. Realizing I screwed up, I went back, erased it, and put in where it was going. Then, when I went to put in my billing address, the address that I accidentally put in the shipping area materialized in the billing area. Not the address they had on file, but the address I just put in and then went and deleted. Creapy! I mean, it was what I wanted, but that’s just creapy!

That’s about it for now. Hope everybody’s getting their shopping done and not having to run around like mad things.

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