The Stupidest Hero I’ve Ever Had

The next time you’re drinking at a party and think you’re hot shit because you can hold it well, consider this story.

A 64-year-old German air passenger almost popped his clogs earlier this week after quaffing a litre of vodka officials told him he couldn’t take on the aircraft.

According to Spiegel, the man was switching planes at Nuremberg airport en route from Egypt to Dresden. Security operatives informed him that, according to the terror-busting 100ml liquid limit regulations designed to stop al-Qaeda concealing binary liquid explosives in their hand luggage, he’d either have to pay extra to have his bag put into the hold or ditch the booze.

He magnificently rejected both proposals, and sank the entire bottle.

The article goes on to let us know that, wonder of wonders, the plan didn’t go so well, and that the “pickled German” is currently recovering in a Nuremberg hospital.

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