Today’s Dose Of Irony

A group of scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago recently conducted experiments on animals to try to determine whether homosexuality is hard-wired genetically or can be turned on and off using a combination of gene manipulation and drugs. And what sort of animals would you suppose these scientists used for these experiments? If […]

For The Land Of The Flat, And The Home Of The Tone-Deaf

Holy crap, I’m writing a hockey post. No, steve didn’t hack into my account and write this one. Well, I lied, it’s not really about hockey. It’s about the caterwauling of the national anthems that came before the December 6th game between the Leafs and the Rangers. To summarize, good god it was horrible. It […]

Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That!

This is just funny. I never knew the closed captions were so inaccurate. Well, during the time of the Southern California fires, they really blew their comic relief load. I read about this in Snopes, but since the silly folk didn’t caption their picture, I couldn’t laugh along. Luckily, Randy Cassingham thought enough of us […]

This Little Piggy Went Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine All The Way Home

Ok, there’s a minor league team in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The team is called the Iorn Pigs. They have a mascot. It’s name is Pork Chop. But apparently, it can be Pork Chop no more because that’s some kind of slur against Hispanics. Or maybe, just maybe, it refers to a pig, and the team name […]

It Gives Me the Shakes Just To Think About It

So, Bulgaria needs another nuclear reactor, and they think that a fine location would be right in an earthquake zone, the same earthquake zone where 120 people died in, um, an earthquake. But that earthquake never happened. Nope, nope. Never happened. What are they trying to do, kill more people. I think saying that “Bulgaria […]