Time For A Newsflash! We’re Not That Dumb!

I was reading the CNIB Insight newsletter that I somehow got subscribed to. I won’t unsubscribe because that newsletter told me about the talks phone deal that got me to get a new cell phone. But today’s newsletter was full of gems. It’s Christmas, so CNIB was in full begging mode, so much so that […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Sometimes It’s Ok Not To Worry About The Try Try Again Part

Today, like most days anymore, appears to be stupid day. Earlier Iwroteabout a guy who got his shit fucked up by some pansies from Utah, and now, not even an hour later, there’s something that might give that story a run for its money. A Michigan burglar was surprised to find that a house he […]

>This Bank Will Self-Destruct In Five Days.

>Wow. Toy manufacturer Tomy has invented a piggy-bank to be released in Japan that, if you don’t top it up, will explode, sending your coins everywhere. Then, as you’re gathering up your coins, you are supposed to reflect on your laziness and inability to save. And get ready for this, it’s called “the savings bomb.” […]