>Blow Me!

>Since I can’t think enough to compose a long post, how about we start the new year with this snowblower duel story from December. Can you imagine watching this? It sounds like something out of a comedy movie.

It all starts in Levis, Quebec. A 72-year-old woman decides to get out the snowblower and clear her walk. But she sends the snow straight into the neighbour’s driveway. I have to mention he is 43. He gets mad, and blows it back to her. She blows it back at him. Then it goes back to her. Lather, rinse, repeat for ten minutes. Ten minutes? Can you believe this goes on between two grown individuals for 10 fucking minutes?

This made these large children so mad that they faced each other in the street to have at it, and the dude grabbed the old lady by the throat and threw her on the ground. Her husband tried to come to the rescue, only to be punched several times. Eventually, the police had to drag the man away.

Come on everybody. All this over snow? I know snow pisses me off, but lordy that’s a little extreme.

And here’s a small sidenote to the Edmunton Sun. You will notice that the beginning of this article is eerily similar to the snippet you had displayed before trying to get 12 bucks out of me for the full article. I found it elsewhere. Maybe that woman had the right idea when she started eating your paper seven years ago.

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