Everyone Else Can Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Except You.

Ug. Here we go again with the political correctness. There was a publication put out four times a year by a group of psychiatric patients at Cromwell House Mental Health Facility. They decided to copy that ten Christmas Carols for the “mentally disturbed” thing. We have a similar list up on the blog years ago. Anyway, they thought it would be fun to make a little joke in their own magazine, and why the hell not? It’s their fucking magazine.

Then, someone saw it who has a family member who has a mental illness, and she got all offended, and because of her being offended, they pulled it!

Why? I would be pissed if a group of psychiatrists put this out with no patients involved, but these were patients! If they found it funny, let ’em laugh! Why should their illness be always regarded with such seriousness? And why can’t people stand by their own words anymore?

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