>Oh My God, I Have Nothing To Wear! .com

>I know that a lot of people are really into buying clothes, and I’m cool with that. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of something you like. But that said, if ever the problem of what to wear becomes such an issue that you need
an internet closet assistant,
it might be time to throw some shit away.

Closet Assistant requires the user to manually input their inventory of clothing. Users can simply upload a picture, or go the whole nine yards by adding names, descriptions (complete with category and subcategory), price paid, and purchase date. Once added to their virtual closet, these items can be combined with others to make an outfit. You can then share these outfits with others Closet Assistant users (on a MySpace-like profile page), or schedule what you want to wear, and when you want to wear it until the end of time using the calendaring tool.

Hopefully among the description fields there’s one for number of precious life moments lost entering socks into a computer.

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