>What a Boob! And I’m Not Talking About The Mannequin

>Ok, I love this story, both because it involves a guy getting his weener stuck in a mannequin’s boobs, and because British writing is some beautiful stuff. How often do you see the word “whinging” in a news article?

Yup, this guy bought a plastic model of a female bust, sold by a company who makes stuff to be used in display windows in stores. He somehow thought it was a sex toy, and got Mr. Happy stuck in a 24-mm hole in the thing. It’s a set of boobs! He then had to get himself out of the tight spot using big scissors, and before he managed to free Willie, he worried he’d have to call in the firefighters.

I guess, after that point, too much blood flowed to his second head, because he phoned the company demanding a refund and saying they should warn people that these aren’t adult toys. AT least they had the sense to tell him he wasn’t getting any money, but they are wondering if they’d have to put warnings on the mannequins!

Why in hell didn’t the dude realize that he was lucky to get out of having a fire brigade laugh their asses off at him while freeing his imprisoned dick and just slink back into the shadows? Why did he then call the company wanting his money back? Oh yeah. He was so stupid that he stuck his privates in an artificial set of boobs. How could I expect him to do something smart now?

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