Best Celler?

I don’t know how to feel about cellphone novels. My first gut reaction is ug! Apparently, in Japan, a lot of people are throwing together novels on their cellphones, in text message format, then somehow getting them published, and they’re selling like mad! Some of them are on the best-sellers list! If text message-llike writing is literacy’s future, I cry.

then I wonder if things are cleaned up in the publishing phase to create a decent book, and if that’s the case, is it a good idea? Is it encouraging more writing? Can there be a good thing out of something that appears bad?

Finally, part of me wants to be fair to these cellphone novels and get my hands on one of these novels, just to see how bad it is. My gut says it would be bad bad bad bad bad, but I’m infinitely curious! Has anyone seen one of these? I doubt it, but who knows.

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