The Kinda Sorta Return Of The Penis Game

I’ve noticed something odd over the last few days. It appears that the penis enlargement spammers have finally started to realize that insulting potential customers by calling them names like Johnny Smallcock or telling them that their girlfriends laugh at them while they’re fucking bigger guys might not be the best way to…um…well…grow business so to speak. It also seems that during the quest to find the new great sales pitch, they’ve been studying some mainstream advertising in the hopes that somewhere they’ll find the secret to why it works so well and hopefully figure out how they can make it work for them. Actually on second thought, I’m so sure that this is what’s happening that I really shouldn’t be using words like seems and appears. Why am I so confident? That would be because since Sunday I have received emails with the following subject lines:

  • Reach out and bone someone.
  • When it absolutely, positively has to be rock hard.
  • And my personal favourite,

  • This is your thingie…This is your thingie on pills…Any questions?

I mentioned this to Carin and she said she hasn’t gotten anything similar, so now I ask you, the loyal Vomiteers, have you gotten any of these things or is the internet trying to tell me something it thinks I need to hear? If you have, feel free to share them in the comments or by sending me an email and I’ll post them. Who knows, this could be the most fun we’ve had since the penis game a few years ago. I guess this would be the penis game number 2. Kind of ironic in a way.

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