We Will BE Beginning Our Descent Into Madness Shortly…

Picture this. You get on a plane in Toronto, bound for London, England. Things are all good, until you see someone being pinned down by crew-members near the galley of the plane. It’s the co-pilot!

For unknown reasons, he just went insane, screaming that he wanted to speak to god. Thankfully, the plane was diverted to Ireland, and everyone’s ok…well…everyone but the co-pilot, who is in hospital. But it’s ok, so he says. You can text him, you can email him. I just love this story for the headline.

Part of me feels guilty for laughing. Who knows what happened to the poor guy? But man, what an image that must have been, your co-pilot being dragged past business class, back into the cabin in ankle-shackles. That’s a flight to remember.

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