>I’m Not A Scout, So I Don’t Need Honour.

>I’ve learned two things from this story. 1. If you find yourself in Florida with the urge to steal money from someone, make sure you just don’t take it by force or directly from their hands. So if you can distract them, that envelope of girl scout cookie money is fair game.
2. There are two sociopaths in training in the town of Boynton Beach. Yep. The two 17-year-olds who robbed the nine-year-old Girl Scout openly said they’re not sorry, and just pissed that they got caught. I wish they’d turned 18 so their names could get plastered everywhere.

At least the one kid’s dad had enough sense to pay the money back. I hope he’s ashamed of the monster that is his daughter. Not only did she steal from the poor little kid, she came back the next day and taunted her! I guess it worked out for the little girl, she got extra money from the supermarket where the assholes robbed her. But I don’t know if money will fix the damage that I’m sure those kids caused. I mean, they robbed her right in front of her mother!

I hope to hell they don’t get off easy just because they’re minors. With attitudes like that, they don’t deserve a chance. They deserve some serious punishment.

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