The Monkeysphere

I’ve been meaning to link to this for a while because I think it’s an interesting concept. Since I can’t seem to come up with anything else meaningful to say, I guess now’s the time to get the link up here.

There’s an interesting article that tries to explain why we humans have a tendency to be pricks to people we don’t know. It’s because they aren’t in ourmonkeysphere.

What the hell’s a monkeysphere? Well, it’s the number of monkeys that monkey brains can perceive as members of their species worth caring about, and according to this theory, it tops out at about 150. Since our brains are pretty close cousins to theirs, the theory says we have about the same limitations. So, how do we perceive the rest of the humans around us? Well, we can’t really consider them to be truly human. It’s an interesting idea to twist your monkey brain around, and it’s funny, so go read it. Hopefully I’ll be able to twist my monkey brain into writing something funny to put up here tomorrow.

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