Hold The Phone!

Woe! Something is afoot in telemarketing land. Something is changing! Why? Because Two telemarketers called us, and both of them gave up without a fight! That never happens.

The first one called from MBNA. I told him that we weren’t interested in their credit card, we already had one, and he just said, “You have a nice day, ma’am.” There was no searching through the script, no arguing, nothing. He took no for what it was, and let me go.

But this was the best one. I got a call from some Lukemia foundation. They told me they called me once a year looking for money. But they made a big mistake. They started talking about a little kid named Hannah who was eleven months old and needed help. I promptly told him that I remembered him calling three times this year, and each time, Hannah was still 11 months old, and what was up with that? And as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone! There was no goodbye, no sorry to bother you. He just slammed the release buttone and headed for the hills! What? Am I that scary?

I wonder what’s up with that. This is definitely an interesting new trend. I wonder how long it will go on before they go the other way and get super pushy and I’ll have to hang up on them. God, telemarketers suck. At least right now, they’re easy to deal with.

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