Bridge To Nowhere

I’m endlessly fascinated when odd things that you’d think would be impossible to steal get stolen. Things like rollercoasters, beaches or in the most recent case a 4 tonne railway bridge.

The article is hilarious too, written pretty much exactly how I would have written it.

The company which was responsible for looking after the bridge raised the alarm when, ever alert, they noticed that the bridge wasn’t there any more.

Martina Hruskova, a spokeswoman for the Czech police, commented to AFP: ‘We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value.’ Exactly what that ‘personal use’ might be was left unsaid.

I’m also a big fan of the term “light-fingered bridge enthusiast.”

And yes, as has been the case every single goddamn time I see one of these stories, there are no suspects and there have been no arrests.

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