Playing With Your Head

I never noticed them saying in this article that along with the brain-reading headset, there is a backup controler that uses the old-fashioned hands, because I think you’d need it.

There is no way some game developer has managed to master the reading of thoughts when we can’t seem to create devices to do this for people who can’t move their arms and legs. There just isn’t. psychology and nurology have been trying to pin down what neurons cause what movement and what ones are in control of thoughts for years! How did this developer figure all of this out so fast?

And what sensors are reading thoughts? Last time I checked, we needed to have electrodes at least stuck to a person’s head to measure brain activity. Does the player actually have to stick electrodes to his head like he’s having an EEG to play?

If it really does work, I cannot even begin to imagine the frustration level a player would have. I think too many things at once, not all of which are about the game I’m playing. I don’t think I’m single-minded enough to be able to direct all my thoughts at the game. Would I think about food and my character would try to eat the wall? Would I wonder idly what was on TV, think about swimming I saw the other day, and my character would jump in the water?

And what’s with it sensing if you’re angry or tense. If you’re too angry, does the game shut down?

I really have a hard time believing that this thing even works. If it does, how about we put it to use helping people who can’t move their extremities for one reason or another? Let’s help them move before we start making Pacman run across a screen.

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