Smoky Thinking

Can someone tell me something? Why on earth would you a. clean your hands with gasoline and b. leave the can of gas on your stove? Ya know, with an open flame? The trailer, which the Pompano beach woman had just finished painting, is now gone, but luckily she got out with only minor burns.

In a similar vein, tell me why you would torch weeds in your yard next to your wood-framed house. I’m sure the weeds are still growing, but the house is much smaller now, missing the back part and sporting a collapsed roof. Honestly, in a dry place like Arizona, wouldn’t it be safer to stick to chemical weed-killers?

And why, why, why why why why why, would you use a torch to thaw frozen pipes, especially if you’re a landlord? That’s a hard lesson that landlord won’t soon forget.

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