That’s The End?

Yesterday, we had the radio on, and this song came on that left us scratching our heads. It was The Baby by Blake Shelton. It was the weirdest song. It was all about this kid having a pretty normal childhood, being a goof, but his mom loved him anyway, and then his mom died and he didn’t make it home in time, and boom! That’s it! The end was so abrupt that we were wondering if part of the song got amputated. We had to actually sit there and try and guess at what the message of the song was. Was it that he felt like he let her down because he didn’t make it home? That’s the only conclusion we could draw.

My explaining of how weird it was doesn’t do it justice. You have to find it and hear it. Listen to the song and tell me if you get the same sense that it came to an abrupt, unexpected end. Maybe it’s because the song seemed to be a very meandering type of song and then it was just over. In any case, it was weird. Or maybe we’re the weirdos for thinking so much about a song.

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