You’re All Sick Puppies

People are nuts. Just nuts.

There’s a video floating around about a marine picking up a puppy and supposedly heaving it over a cliff. We don’t even know if any puppy was truly thrown because a lot is left to the imagination, or at least that’s how it seems according to Snopes’s description of the video. A marine’s last name was mentioned in the video in the context of “that was mean, insert name here.” So some luny tune decided to track down that marine’s family and posted their address on a webpage with the video. Now, that family is receiving threatening phone calls.

Yeah. Ok then. Whatever. Because threatening a guy’s family for something he may or may not have done is smart, real smart. Do they think that’s going to revive the dead puppy, if there is one? I notice no one is going after the actual marine. It’s a lot easier to go after his family. Is it because it is thought they are less able to fight back than a marine is? Maybe the people threatening are just as cowardly as, oh, say, someone who takes pleasure in throwing puppies off cliffs.

Here’s a message to all vigilantes. How about you let the marines do their job in investigating the incident? Wouldn’t you look like a bunch of fools if no puppy was actually thrown? Idiots, all of them. Nothing but idiots!

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