By Accident?

Wow. I can’t believe that defense Barraster Craig Eberhardt managed to convince a judge that his client, Thomas James Anthony Wilson,

  • downloaded 8000 pictures by accident,
  • was looking at these photos to address issues of his own sexuality as a younger man, but he’s *not* a pedophile,
  • and sending him to jail would be a bad idea because he’s an x-cop.

Um, first off, what sane man would believe that Wilson signed up for a child porn site, which included coughing up $35, and downloaded 8000 pictures by accident? That was no accident!

And don’t a lot of pedophiles have issues with their sexuality as younger men? Weren’t a lot of them molested as children? How can his lawyer be so sure he’s not a pedophile? He mentions medical evidence. What the fuck kind of evidence could that be? Even if he, fluke of flukes, had no balls or wang, his brain is where the problem starts.

And if no x-cop should go to jail because it would be too hard on him, isn’t that sort of opening the flood gates for the more crooked cops to commit more crimes? It kind of makes a crime offset credit system.

All I can say is what a naive judge.

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