I Guess She Had The Fucking Guts. It’s Me Who Lacks The Brain

We’ve all seen the scene on TV where someone has tried everything to persuade a suicidal person not to do it, and out of desperation, they try to snap them out of it. But if you’re going to try that in real life, for one, be sure you have things very much under control, and mmore importantly, don’t hand the suicidal person a loaded gun! This is an especially bad idea when the person is drunk and this loaded weapon belonged to the suicidal person’s late father whose death was contributing to her desire to die.

Most importantly of all, when the weapon misfires, do not, for the love of god, reload it! You already made a pretty risky move, and the fates were on your side. Now capitalize on that and don’t give her another chance! This calling her bluff thing sure isn’t working, and you know that now, so stop it!

Aside: Why does the fact that this man’s defense attorney’s name is Leonard Cohen amuse me? I keep thinking he’s going to write a song about this tragic tale.

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