Maybe She Didn’t Want Her Boyfriend To Squeeze The Charmin

Well, we have an update about that woman who was found stuck to her john. I guess she wasn’t sitting on the throne for the whole two years, but she was in the bathroom that long. She had been sitting on the toilet for a month. Now, the burning question of how her boyfriend managed to take leaks and such while she was hogging the facilities for two years has been answered. They had a second bathroom. But most shocking of all is that I missed one very funny detail in the first story. A sheriff who found her stuck to the toilet had the last name of Whipple. He’s Mr. Whipple, like the Mr. Whipple in the “don’t squeeze the Charmin” commercials! How funny is that?

Any way you look at it, both stories make the point clear that these two people are very, very screwed up folk.

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