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I was looking over the coming events listings in the
when I saw this:

Addictions Are Us meets in the Hastings Room of the West-End Community Centre, 21 Imperial Rd. S. from 10 to 11:30 a.m. This self-help group discusses coping skills required to get and maintain control of alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions.

Addictions Are Us? Isn’t that kind of a crappy name for a support group?  To me it’s sorta like starting a group at a women’s shelter and calling it the Punching Bags.  *Are* us?  What the heck is that?

It might sound strange, but when I hear a name like that, the first thing I think of is Toys “R” Us.  What does Toys “R” Us do? They sell toys.  they always have sold toys, they always will sell toys.  They aren’t trying to wean themselves off toys in the hopes that one day they’ll become a successful insurance brokerage.  They are a toy store. So by that logic, these people are addicts.  They’re addicts now, they’ll be addicts later.  Hell of a way to instil confidence there.  Why not use something like recoveries are us?  Wouldn’t that make more sense and maybe make people feel a little better about their prospects? Just sayin’.

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