Chris Benoit And Other People With Severe Brain Damage

Do you think Chris Benoit’s demotion to ECW led to his double-murder/suicide?  Top stars who ended up in ECW seemed to have treated the brand as an exit point from WWE, such as Kurt Angle and Big Show. Angle’s attitude backstage seemed to have gone down the toilet once he moved to ECW. Big Show also left the company after his ECW run. King Booker did a radio interview expressing displeasure in the revived brand, even though he was a SmackDown! wrestler.  Benoit was heavily rumored to end up on Raw from SmackDown! Instead, he moved to ECW. I would think Benoit was surprised with this sudden swerve. This was a man who commanded a lot of respect from the boys in the back and even from the fans. Did Benoit interpret the move to ECW as a sign of disrespect that he wasn’t used to? With the very negative aura surrounding the brand, is it possible that he snapped and unleashed his frustration onto his family? Would he and his family be alive today if he ended up on Raw as originally planned?

Believe it or not, what you just read was an actual question asked by what I assume is an actual human being in yesterday’s
PWInsiderXtra Q&A.

It’s no secret that I love my wrestling, and I freely admit to wasting way too much energy thinking about it at times. But as much as I make fun of myself for
living in a bubble,
there’s no way that I could ever, in my wildest imagination, even as a joke, come up with something so utterly twisted and retarded.

I never met Chris Benoit. Never had a conversation with the man. But to suggest that a booking decision in a worked business was the soul reason for his choice to end 3 lives is downright fucking insulting. Not only is it insulting to he and his family, but it’s insulting to good sense in general. Chris Benoit, because of the years of abuse he chose to put his body through, was a mentally disturbed individual. The mentally disturbed, though they try to hide it, will eventually find themselves unable to do so, sometimes with horrible consequences. That, unfortunately, is exactly what happened here. Nothing more, nothing less.

And while we’re on the subject of the mentally ill, I don’t know who asked this question. Only the folks at PWInsider know for sure, and in this case that’s probably for the best. But whoever you are and wherever you are, next time you feel the need to say anything about anything, please, for the love of God just keep your mouth shut. Folks like you are the reason why the rest of the world, by and large, has such a low opinion of wrestling fans. You’d do well to step away from the tapes and the internet for a spell and investigate something called the real world. It’ll be strange at first because it doesn’t always revolve around angles and swerves, but give it time, you’ll get used to it. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize in the process how stupid you made yourself look yesterday. Perhaps not, but I can dream.

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